Dress of the Day: Chloe’s ‘Secretary’ dress – one for Ugly Betty’s Amanda


Oh all of TV’s fictional characters, it’s Ugly Betty’s Amanda whose style I admire the most. Amanda isn’t exactly what you’d call "cutting edge", but, oh, those little pencil skirts, those cute, tailored tops, the short-shorts that only women with legs like Amanda herself can get away with! The shoes! Amanda is the personification of the "sexy secretary" look, and if she was real, I think she’d love this aptly-named "secretary" dress by Chloe. It doesn’t look like much on the mannequin, but I bet this would be a killer dress on someone with the right figure for it – and I love the little Amanda-esque flap at the front. At £810, you’re not going to afford it on a secretary’s wage, of course, but hey, if your dad is an embezzling investment banker, you never know…

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