Dress of the Day: spirit jersey dress from Coast


Coast have just started offering online shopping. I can die happy now. I absolutely love Coast, but round here their stores are few and far between (and by that I mean "there are none") so I can normally only get my grubby mitts on them after every so often. Not any more, though! Thanks to their new website, every day can be a Coast day (well, it could if, you known, I actually had any money to spend there). Now, Coast tend to be best known for their occasion wear, and for good reason, but I’ve chosen this lovely green jersey dress as our DOTD today because I think it could be dressed down enough to wear during the day, too. It has a lovely, old-fashioned (in the nicest possible way, natch) look to it, and at £75 it’s cheaper than most of Coast’s offerings. Love it.

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