Crime of Fashion: Topshop’s sequin leopard print pumps


We’ve not really been feeling the whole "mannish" thing that’s been going on in fashion, lately. Men’s fashion can be boring at the best of times, and while masculine tailoring can look tres chic if you’re the young Katherine Hepburn, us mere mortals can end up looking more like KD Lang – or our dads – if we’re not very careful with it.

Now, if you are thinking of going down the "man-style" route, you could be persuaded that these sequin print pumps by Topshop help jazz up the trend, making it a little more feminine and exciting. You would be wrong: they just make it even uglier than it needs to be. Yes, they’re only £20, but so are some pairs of New Look’s stiletto peep toes. I know what I’d choose…

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  • November 20, 2007


    I think the only person who could pull those off would be Peter Allen. Otherwise, they should be burned.

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