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Dress or Top? Floozie by Frost French navy striped bow back “dress”

Dress or top, top or dress?

We’d go with “top”. Frost French and Debenhams, however, have gone with “dress”, although, to be fair, they are recommending it be worn over swimwear.

Is it just us, though, or are hemlines getting shorter in general? Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a well-played mini. They make your legs look longer, your thighs look slimmer (well, sometimes) and they can be just all-out fabulous.

When it gets to the point, though, where you can’t even lean over even slightly without showing the world your wares, we start to wonder whether the item in question might not be better classed as a “top” and worn with something, anything, underneath.

Described as a dress, this one is at least priced like a top, and is £20 at Debenhams. How would you wear it, top or dress?

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