You sure do love green. LOL…. I’m not loving the dress. …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Nathan Jenden green Eve slim fitted dress by Shelllley.

You sure do love green. LOL….
I’m not loving the dress. Maybe if it was on a model it would look better but just laid flat like that it looks a little raggy to me….

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Spaghetti straps over t-shirts: the 90s revived
I loved this style back in the day and have lamented it’s loss for a very long time.

Having large breasts prevented me from wearing super cute strappy dresses without a bra strap screaming HELLO! Look at me!

So when this came around I was stoked. And I totally wore my short strappy dresss with Ts and Doc Martins!

I’ve got much better taste in shoes these days but I have to say, I would most likely get on board with the Dress/Tee look afain.

The MET Costume Institute Gala 2009: Mary-Kate Olsen, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Diane Kruger, Eva Herzigova, Rachel Weisz, Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger
If the girl from Gossip Girl was trying to look 40 years old in 1982 she was incredibly successful… Kudos.
MK’s dress looks like she may have stolen it from Helena Bonham Carter. Poor Helena – walking around naked now because of MK….

Fantasy Buy: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label corseted silk top
Ohhhhhhhhhh! This is so beautiful!

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