Dress of the Day: A-Line Contrast Dress from Rare


  This summer, the shops are just full of swishy-skirted dresses with nipped-in waists and wide necklines. Naturally, this gets the full approval of the Force, and we particularly like the bright pink bands on this dress from Rare, which make it look even more summery.

This is the kind of style you’ll be able to dress up or down as required, and it’s £49 from here.


  • April 1, 2009


    OOhhhh, I need this dress! I don’t think I can buy it if I live in the US, though, right? This would be perfect for work in the summer. I need to find something like this that I can order over here.

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  • April 2, 2009


    argh! Rare has so many cute dresses that would be perfect for all the weddings i have to go to this summer! … but I bet they won’t ship to Canada (as if I’m that lucky)

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  • April 2, 2009

    Little Miss Random

    Rare’s had quite a few dresses which look amazing both off and on for affordable prices. This is an incredibly cute dress which looks vaguely ’50s-ish to me. Argh, I want!

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  • April 3, 2009

    a woman

    Oooh!! So cute!!!

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