This is so cute, elegant, and stylish – definitely on …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Purple self-spot dress from Debenhams by J..

This is so cute, elegant, and stylish – definitely on my fall wishlist 🙂

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Wear or Die: Crocs V. Skechers
Crocs. At least it’s the real thing (that’s good, right??) versus those Skechers ones. I never liked Skechers, even as a kid… Maybe I can just wear those in the garden, though? Or hide in a jungle?

Wanted! Black twill front mac and cloche hat from Miss Selfridge

Style on Trial: Valentino Flower Tote
I actually quite like it! I mean, ok, so I don’t much care for the *price*, but the bag itself is cute. It’s just a matter of what you wear it with.

High waist jeans: still refusing to just die, already
I like a high waist on flared jeans or on a skirt. The skinny ones, though, not so much. Still, I think, when worn with the right accessories and such, they can look really good.

Fashion Trends: checks and bows
Still loving tartan. One of my (many) quirks. Actually, I really like the Miss Selfridge one in particular. It’s so cute!

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