Do you think you could find a range of glorious …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Divine bodice dress by Acquascutum by amy.

do you think you could find a range of glorious green dresses for your readers?!
there are so many bad ones out there and very very few affordably lovely ones

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The Good and Evil leggings in black and white by Costume Dept.
and you can see her black thong through the white!

American Apparel: perfect for pregnancy, apparently
all I can think of when I look at that, pregant version or not is camel toe/wedgy from hell!

Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is?
a hat/mask

Bumbags: still crimes of fashion
I agree they’re appauling, but for festival goers, they can be quite handy for keeping this form being stolen.
though the new ‘tum bags’ to hide under tops are just as, if not more effective!

Marks & Spencer charge extra for larger sized bras – should they?
it happens with larger sized shoes as well,
when was the last time you saw size 9 /10 womens shoes for less than £40
yeh me niether, I have to wear mens shoes or sqeeze my poor feet into 8s
discrimination exists, becasuse the size is not the ‘norm’ of an average or ‘perfectly sized’ women does mean we have to spend more time and money on items the same as everyone elses

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