Dress of the Day: Michael Kors’ gold tweed sheath dress


It’s those bateau necklines  again, folks – dontchya just love them? I love them – but of course, you knew that – and what I love even more is the fact that dresses with actual waistlines are slowly but surely staging a comeback. I got so excited last winter when I realised that 60s fashion was going to be the "in" thing (I love me some retro, for sure), but then it turned out to be all tent-like sack dresses and empire lines, meaning that I was forced to spend the entire season in jeans again. Now, however, the waistlines are back in town. This gold tweed dress by Michael Kors has a real "Mrs Robinson" feel about it. It’s th e 60s with style, and who could fail to love that? It’s short, shiny and $1695, so it’s for special occassions only, but very special it would make them indeed.

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