Dress of the Day: Banded pleat dress by Milly


It’s much too late in the year for this dress. We know this, just as we know that even if we did happen to find a spare $370 down the back of the couch and bought this, we’d only have to put it away until next year, and hope we got a chance to wear it then.

We’re still making it our Dress of the Day, though, because hell, it has to be warm somewhere in the world right now, and if you happen to be living in that “somewhere”, why, you’re going to need a dress that’s cute, colourful, and perfect for either wearing during the day or dressing up for evening, aren’t you? Maybe this will be that dress: it’s by Milly, it’s $370 and it’s available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Also: we really envy you for living somewhere warm enough to wear it. Can we come visit?

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