Dress of the Day: Peter Som’s ‘Charlotte’ dress

PetersomcharlotteNow, I’m sure I’ve seen this dress on some celebrity or other, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. Anyone?

This isn’t the kind of style I’d usually go for, but if I was a celebrity (or if I just had $2095 begging to be spent), I’d snap up this dress in a flash. It’s Peter Som’s ‘Charlotte’ dress, and I’m loving the little chiffon sleeves, and the fact that the floaty chiffon on top is offset by the more structured shape of the shirt and bodice. So pretty, and so totally out of my current price league, that it’s going to have to remain a dream for now. Those of you who haven’t just spent all their money on a holiday can buy it at eLuxury.

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