Dress of the Day: French Connection’s purple ‘Sinatra’ dress

Frenchconnectiondress I have to admit to a slight prejudice against French Connection. It’s partly because of the whole ridiculous "FCUK" thing ("Look! Our name looks a little bit rude! Hahaha!"), but it’s mostly because of the even more ridiculous sizing, which means that I can’t actually buy anything in their store, ever.

This dress won’t be to everyone’s taste, and the lack of a defined waist means it wouldn’t suit me even if they did stock a size that fitted me, but I love that rich, purple colour and the balloon sleeves (which are a current favourite of mine). With the right accessories, this could be a show-stopper, in a simple, understated kind of way (if there is such a thing). It’s also just been reduced to £20 in the French Connection sale, so if it wasn’t for the sizing issue, it would almost certainly be mine by now.

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