Dress of the Day: Black and white “Dollbaby” polka dot dress by Nanette Lepore


So, it’s 4.50pm on a Wednesday. I should be starting to think about making dinner, maybe getting out and mowing the lawn, like I’ve been promising myself I’ll do for… oooh, about four weeks now. Instead, I’m sitting drooling over this little retro dress by Nanette Lepore. Oh, My-Wardrobe.com, why must you taunt me! I’m going on holiday in three weeks: I need shorts, bikinis, flip flops… I have enough dresses to fill at least three suitcases, and I know I’ll probably end up slobbing around in shorts for two weeks, anyway. But damn, I want this dress. I want to wear it with forties-style mary janes and a matching clutch bag. And I want one of those old fashioned trunks… you know, the kind people carried in Bugsy Malone. Actually, I want to be in Bugsy Malone. And this dress? This dress will totally help me do it. Lead me not  into temptation…

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