Dress of the Day: Jacquard doll dress from Oasis

Doll_dress If you really want to get noticed at the Christmas party this year, a short, metallic dress is generally a surefire way to do it.

If the words “short metallic dress” are conjuring up images of something not exactly “sophisticated”, though, relax: there is a way to pull off this look, without looking like you’re the evening’s entertainment, or like you just dropped out of a Christmas cracker.

This dress by Oasis has a demure shape, particularly on the bodice, which offsets the shiny colour and (relatively) short skirt, making it that bit easier to get away with. Wearing it with opaque tights will make it easier still, although clearly this dress won’t suit everyone’s tastes, no matter how it’s worn.

If you think it’d suit yours, though, it’s £65 from Oasis icon.

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