Dress of the Day: Poppy print tie back dress from Oasis

Poppy_print_dress At first glance, this Oasis dress seemed a little bit out of season to us, because something about the floral print and shape of the dress says “summer” rather than “deep midwinter” to us.

At a time when we feel a little like we’re drowning in a sea of party dresses, though, that’s actually quite refreshing, and although the description says it’s made of “light cotton”, we can see no reason why you couldn’t “winter it up” a little with some thick tights, boots and a cardigan over the top.

Failing that, there’s always next Spring…

It’s £45 at Oasis icon.


  • December 18, 2008


    not bad .. But it only reminds me of my grandmom … :'(
    But I found some pretty dresses here,if you want to just check it out !

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  • December 19, 2008


    I love this dress! Too bad they don’t ship to the States…

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