Oh, cute is definitely the right word. I love this …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Black and white embroidered sundress from Debenhams by Norlyn.

Oh, cute is definitely the right word. I love this – even though its linen, I think it could work since its black and white. And since its flowy. Either way, wish I could afford it!

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Dress of the Day: Cherries ruffle dress from Topshop
I dunno – the print is cute, but the cut just doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe its because there’s no picture of it on a model? Either way, not my favorite dress of the day.

Lisca lingerie make Smart Memory Bra to boost cleavage when you’re aroused
Wow, that is one of the worst bra ideas I’ve ever heard. I’d want my boobs to look big all the time. I bet no distributer is going to want to sell this.

Dress of the Day: A-Line Contrast Dress from Rare
OOhhhh, I need this dress! I don’t think I can buy it if I live in the US, though, right? This would be perfect for work in the summer. I need to find something like this that I can order over here.

We can has cheezburger dress?
I think it would be adorable as a halloween costume. But for everyday wear, its definitely a fashion don’t.

Dress of the Day: Contrast sleeve dress from Miss Selfridge
I love this dress! I’m not petite, and it’d never fit my… bosoms, but its so beautiful! It really is the kind of dress you can wear for anything.

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