Dress Like a Teddy Bear: Marios peluche sweater at Topshop

Peluche, or “plush”: it’s that particular kind of fake fur that stuffed animals are made from. And which £300 sweaters are made from, too.

We can’t decide whether this is a great response to a freezing winter, or whether it’s just a great (if expensive) way to dress as a giant teddy for Halloween.

Oh, OK, we can decide. But we want to know what you think too, so what say you to the £300 teddy suit? Tell us!

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  • September 20, 2010


    If it’s made of that on the INSIDE, I am totally on board for what would be the warmest and softest sweater ever. Looking like an idiot might actually be worth it for that much warmth.

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  • September 21, 2010


    LMAO! I have a peluche sweater already – with a Starfleet Command logo on it, purchased at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, baby. I guess now I can wear it out where normal humans will see me….*snicker*

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