Dress of the Day | H&M red brocade dress

H&M red brocade dress

H&M red brocade dress, £39.99

It only arrived online a few days ago, but this H&M brocade dress is already sold out in black and almost sold out in red, which tells us that:

a) You’re probably going to have to either look for it in-store, or hope it gets re-stocked soon if you really want it: sorry. If it helps, though, our experience is that H&M do re-stock sold-out items fairly often, so our best suggestion is to bookmark the page and keep checking back, if you don’t have a store nearby – sooner or later you might just get lucky.

b) We obviously weren’t the only ones to look at the photo and think, “That’s from H&M? Seriously?” Gimmee!”

At £39.99, we reckon this is a pretty good deal for a dress which looks much more expensive. H&M have been doing a really nice line in full, structured skirts recently (Trust one who owns quite a few of them), and although this dress isn’t literally cut from the same cloth, it is designed along the same lines, with a classic cut and stand-out colour. Despite the price point, H&M haven’t been skimping on the fabric with their skirts (Trust one who’s had to iron them. Seriously, circle skirts and fabulous to wear, but no fun at all to stand and iron…), and it doesn’t look like they’ve cut any corners with this dress either: that’s a very full skirt, which looks like it has a lot of built-in structure, thus eliminating the need for a petticoat. Sure, it’s 100% polyester, and we know many of you will turn your noses up at that, but on the plus side, that means it’s machine washable and easy to care for.

At the time of writing, this is only available online in a UK size 8, but check in store for other sizes!

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