Photoshopping is way out of hand. Everyone and everything has …

Comment on Down With Airbrushing! Ann Taylor’s incredible shrinking model by Alison.

Photoshopping is way out of hand. Everyone and everything has to be photoshopped these days, and worse, it seems no one can do it right-yet everyone insists on doing it anyway.

My fave photoshop was the cover of the U.S. “InStyle” magazine from the early 2000s. They put Ashley Judd on the cover, shot from the shoulders up with her head turned, and made her neck look about two feet long!

I mean honestly, people get paid for this kind of work, so why can’t they learn to do it right?

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This reeks of 1995. I don’t think it looks bad exactly, but 1995 is a little too recent for this style to be back again.

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This is bad, but Amy Adams always looks bad. I don’t know what it is with her. She should look really good, since she has access to all sorts of clothing and stylists…but she just looks wrong all the damn time.

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Looks like a bedsheet and a napkin ring. Too bad because I think the fabric on it’s own is pretty. But this is too billowy and the neckline is all wrong.

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This kind of reminds me of that tragic two-piece outfit Kate Hudson wore to the Oscars in the early 2000s (when she also had her hair in those ghastly ringlets). I don’t think the dress itself is that bad though.

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I really like Emma Stone’s outfit.

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