I so appreciate the righteous rage in this post! The …

Comment on Down With Airbrushing! Ann Taylor’s incredible shrinking model by Maggie.

I so appreciate the righteous rage in this post! The model is already insanely skinny! I refuse to buy into “beauty” that isn’t even physically attainable.

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‘Women should be slim for their men but not Size Zero’ says a founder of London Fashion Week
Thank you, thank you! for that awesome reply to an ignorant, arrogant statement.

Mayra Veronica
This is beautiful. it reminds me of nebulas. Also the craftsmanship! one of my favorite dresses I’ve seen for a long time.

Style on Trial: Alice + Olivia Francesca Feather Skirt
Yay! I would of course feel weird if those were real feathers (eek, plucked from a bird?!) but I like the idea of a “feathery-like” skirt.
However I am in no way promoting those awful clothes that have the fake, cheap looking feathers that make everyone look like a vegas show girl.

Fashion Police at the premiere of ‘Beautiful’
I sort of love LOVE the detailing on Adriana’s dress. Sure, the tulle is a bit much but I think she took a risk and looks gorgeous. Naomi Watt’s dress put me to sleep and the styling on Kate’s has much to be desired.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Black tights, a blue and black plaid skirt, black tank top with a blue doors shirt that I cut from neckline to halfway-to-the-navel over it.

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