Her arms look totally out of proportion in the second …

Comment on Down With Airbrushing! Ann Taylor’s incredible shrinking model by The Caledonista.

Her arms look totally out of proportion in the second shot because her body’s not meant to be that small! How can people think that looks better than just showing a natural image? The world has indeed gone mad! x

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More M&S faux fur legwarmers
Maybe they are all the rage in Japan but I don’t think the average M&S customer will appreciate how to wear these. Be prepared to see a few shocking looks on your local high street with these…

Style on Trial: Christopher Kane ‘Jenny’ leather and lace embroidered dress
I like the leather and lace but not struck on the floral embroidery, just don’t think it adds anything to the dress and detracts from what is already an interesting design x

Best Dressed of the Day: Katy Perry in florals in New York
I wish I could steal her style and her man ha ha! She looks lovely in everything she wears x

Would you buy… Etro’s £565 stud applique tights?
I do like embellished tights, and yes they do tend to be a bit more expensive if you like your embellishment to survive a few washes, but no way would I pay this (even if money were no object!). Bebaroque do gorgeous embellished hosiery and their £70 price tag looks like a bargain compared to Etro’s x

Shoe Porn: Brian Atwood ‘Donna’ black patent pumps
Love the bow back, they’re really cute! x

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