Down With Airbrushing! Ann Taylor’s incredible shrinking model

We’ve said before that we think Photoshop can be equally, if not more, damaging to women than the use of slimline models (after all, slim people do exist; Photoshopped ones don’t), so props to Jezebel for catching Ann Taylor red-handed in the act of Photoshopping this model almost out of existence.

The image on the left is the thumbnail that was shown on the Ann Taylor website earlier this week. The image on the right, meanwhile, is what you’d have seen if you’d clicked on that thumbnail – watch the already-slim model achieve a shape that probably doesn’t exist in nature before your very eyes, folks!

Ann Taylor have now removed the image from their site, but it still begs the question: why on earth was it there in the first place? Did no one look at this and think it looked just a little bit unnatural? And did the person in charge of Photoshop that day seriously look at the original image and think, “Jeez, this chic looks a bit podgy – better shave some inches off her!” Has the world actually gone mad? (Answer: people are still voluntarily wearing Crocs, so yes, it looks like it probably has.)

Down with airbrushing, we say. We don’t really care whether models are big or small, tall or short, black, white or anything in between: all we ask is that they at least look recognisably human. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it?

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