Double Trouble: The Hellz Brigade Jean by Hellz Bellz


Oh God, no! The double vision we started to experience when we gazed upon those awful Cesare Paciotto shoes last week has returned, and when we look at the jeans above, it's like there are TWO of them, one worn on top of the other. We know that can't be right, though, because who would do such a thing? If you were REALLY wearing two pairs of skinny jeans at the same time, you'd be unable to walk or sit down, and we don't think they'd be designed just to LOOK that way, because why would anyone want to look like the kind of person who'd wear two pairs of jeans at the same time.

So we must be seeing double. Again.

We also think we can see a weird flap of material just hanging uselessly from the side of the jeans. Again, that must just be us seeing things. Surely.

[Product Page] [Thanks to Maria for the report!]

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