Double the crime, double the price: TAO sweater with handbag detail

At first glance, we assumed this was a simple case of Stuck-Together-Clothes. Upon re-examination of the evidence, however, we’re just not convinced that the handbag stuck to the front of this sweater has any real function other than a decorative one, so we now have to conclude that it’s just ugly. (Which is kind of disappointing actually, because if it had been a handbag AND a sweater, that would have at least helped explain the $895 price tag. Double the crime, double the price, after all…)

Or is it?

We guess if you really like handbags – and this one in particular – you might find this the perfect way to demonstrate that love. To wear your handbag close to your heart, so to speak. And if you would, well, you better get yourself over to Colette quickly, before they sell out. Click here to buy this, or just click on the comments box to tell us what you think of it: up to you.


  • August 26, 2010


    How can you leave a comment, when there are no words…..

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  • August 30, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    It reminds me of those tee shirts that are meant to make you look like John Hurt in that classic Alien scene.

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