DOTD | Oasis ‘Kora’ ruffle pencil dress

Oasis ruffle pencil dress

Oasis ‘Kora’ dress, £65

We’re big fans of neutrals for winter, and that’s going to work out pretty well for us this year, because if the fashion pundits are to be believed, pale neutrals are going to be, like, SO this season. Or something.

Pale colours might seem counter-intuitive at the muddiest, rainiest time of year, but assuming you can keep them (reasonably) clean, they make for a nice change from all of  the dull winter colours many people tend to cling to once autumn rolls around, and an all-white (or beige, or gold, or pale pink) outfit can also have a luxurious feel which darker colours sometimes lack: probably because the delicate, easy-to-ruin colours tell the world, “Hey, I don’t have to work for a living, I just lie around on a chaise all day, keeping my clothes clean!” Or that’s how it seems to us, anyway.

In terms of this particular dress, well, Oasis have been killing it in the dress department lately, and this is no exception. We like how the clean, unfussy lines are enlivened only by the ruffles on the sleeves, with their touch of black: a minimalist style which needs just a pair of killer heels to make it perfect.

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