Dorothy Perkins bow neck coat now available in red

Bow_neck_coat_2 We know we’ve shown you this coat already, in blue, but it sold out instantly in that colour, and we still get lots of emails from people desperate to get their hands on it, so we thought you might like to know that Dorothy Perkins have just re-released the bow neck coat, but in red this time.

As beautiful as the blue was, we actually think we prefer this colour because it appeals to our sense of drama, and will be a fantastic way to brighten up those dull winter days.

If you like it too, we’d suggest you don’t waste any time in buying it, because it’s likely to sell out just as fast as the other colour. It’s £75, and you can buy it online here or try your luck in store.

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Dorothy Perkins now selling jeans in UK size 6 regular and long!

GreyskinnyjeansThis may not be news to you, but it’s certainly news to me – and very welcome news it is, too.

You see, I take a UK size 6. This is not an easy size to find in the UK. The majority of stores that do stock it, stock it only as part of their petite ranges, and this is about as much use to me as a bra would be to Britney Spears, because although I’m a short ass, I’m not quite short enough for the petite ranges, and while I get away with a "petite" top or skirt, petite trousers or jeans will cause people to ask me who died and caused me to wear my trousers at half-mast.

"That’s OK, though!" I hear you say, "There must be some stores in the UK that sell smaller sizes in regular leg lengths!" This is true – there are. But they are few and far between, and finding that elusive size 6 regular in their stock can be as unlikely as snapping Victoria Beckham on a "fat day". You can see my problem, here.


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