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How times have changed. Dorothy Perkins used to have a slightly “mumsy” image, but these days we think it’s becoming one of the best fashion retailers on the UK high street, with a constantly updated rage of affordable clothes which are always up to date, and often draw inspiration from the catwalk. For instance:

Dorothy Perkins Dresses

Dorothy_perkins_dresses_2After what feels like years of tunics and empire-line dresses, these tailored numbers are like a breath of fresh air. The grey dress on the right takes inspiration from Roland Mouret’s ‘Moon’ dress, the one in the middle wouldn’t look out of place on Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O, and the one on the left: well let’s just say we have a weakness for green…

Green tab ponti dress, £30; petite black collar dress, £30; black and white check shift dress, £35

Dorothy Perkins Jeans

Dorothy_perkins_jeansTwo pairs of jeans for £25? Well, we don’t mind if we do…

Dorothy Perkins often have this “two for £25” offer running, but given that the jeans shown above are all just £15 each anyway, it’s not like you’ll break the bank, even without the offer. What we like about Dorothy Perkins denim is the sizing: these come in three different leg lengths, and they also go down to a size 6 and up to a size 20. If that doesn’t suit you, there’s more denim in the specialist petite and tall ranges, too.

Vist the Dorothy Perkins jeans section here.

Dorothy Perkins Shoes

Dororthy_perkins_shoesDorothy Perkins shoes will rarely cost you more than around £40, and some styles (the flat pumps are an example, and there’s normally a large choice of these available at any given time) can be as little as £12 – £15. The quality has been steadily improving and becoming more fashion-forward, and this is true of most of Dorothy Perkins ranges – in fact, we’ve often spotted items which are very similar to styles being sold at Arcadia stable-mate, Topshop, but for less money. Always a good thing. We love the red t-bars above, and the blue platforms will also bring a nice pop of colour to your outfits.

Visit the Dorothy Perkins shoe section here.

Dorothy Perkins Outerwear

Bow_neck_coatWitness the famous Dorothy Perkins bow-necked coat! These are no longer in stock, unfortunately, but they became THE coat of 2008/9 and the blue version was selling on eBay for over £100 at some points. We keep on visiting the site to see if they’ll ever bring the style back but no luck so far. Still, if this is the kind of thing they’re capable of, we think Dotty P’s is becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with, don’t you?