Don’t wear this shirt unless your boyfriend really is a Hell’s Angel*

You wouldn’t really want to make an enemy out of the Hells Angels, would you? Our advice? Don’t put their name on a t-shirt, then…

The Hells Angels are currently suing fashion brand Wildfox over this shirt, which retails for $57.99, and bears the slogan “My boyfriends [sic] a Hells Angel,” with a pair of wings on the back. The gang say that their name is trademarked, and shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes.

““We bring these lawsuits from time to time not just to punish but to educate,” said the club’s lawyer, Fritz Clapp. “Somebody thought erroneously that Hells Angels is a generic term.”

This isn’t the first time the club has tried to sue fashion brands, of course: they’ve also gone after Alexander McQueen for using their Winged Death Head emblem, and the message is clear – the Hell’s Angels aren’t into being used as fashion statements, got it?

But what if your boyfriend actually IS a Hell’s Angel, we hear you ask? Well, that won’t work either:

Hells Angels is a membership mark, and it denotes membership in the organization. Even the Hells Angels do not put it on T-shirts they sell to the public,” says Clapp.

There are two other issues here, which haven’t been addressed, however:

1. $57 for a slogan tee? Seriously?

2. What did apostrophes ever do to this brand, we wonder? Did no one proofread this shirt before it went into production?

So many issues…

(*And not even then…)

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