Don’t know what to wear? Custo Barcelona’s mid cut dress solves your problem…

Splitdress You know those mornings when you wake up and you just can’t decide what kind of look to go for that day? Like, do you want to be all Little Miss Prim and Proper, or will you be the wild and wacky one in the office? This dress was designed for mornings such as those. Or it looks like it was, anyway.

This dress, you see, is suffering from a severe case of schizophrenia. It just can’t decide which of two personalities to be, so it’s decided to just be both at once. It’s kinda like the sartorial equivalent of the mullet – business in front, party at the back – except it’s all "business on one side, party on… er, the other side". That troubles me.

For the perfect finishing touch, wear it with American Apparel’s two tone tights, and by that I mean: "NO! I’m kidding! There’s never a good reason to wear those tights!" Is there ever a good reason to wear this dress, though, that is the question?

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