Dress of the Day: Donna Karan embroidered dress


We had quite a lot to say about this Donna Karan embroidered dress, but we have to admit that all coherent thought went flying right out of our heads when we looked at the £4595 price. Four. Thousand. Five. Hundred. And. Ninety. Five. Pounds. That’s not a kick in the ass off $10,000 for those of you across the Atlantic, and sure, this is a pretty dress, but FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS?! Seriously? So while we were going to say how much we like the wide waistband and pretty gold fabric, we find that all we want to say now is that, actually, we don’t think ANY dress is worth that amount of money, and, in fact, we’re wondering if the price might actually make this a Crime of Fashion of a different kind. Feel free to discuss.

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