Lol! Who would want to walk down the street looking …

Comment on Dona Karan’s pink ostrich feather coat: we’re not lovin’ it by Hannah.

Lol! Who would want to walk down the street looking like Mrs. Big Bird?!

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Jennifer Lawrence goes for gold at The Hunger Games premieres. Both of ’em.
I think her choice to dress in gold is linked to the Hunger Games. The Mockingjay brooch her character wears, which is a golden bird with an arrow in its beak, is a major symbol in the books/film. I think she looks lovely in gold, I prefer the one without the black belt best.

Halloween Dress Up from Wildfox and Zoe Karssen
Not keen on the material or shape of the dress either, though I’m kinda liking the t-shirt as a rockabilly number for the weekends. On the plus side, it’s nice to see that Jade McSorley from Britain’s Next Top Model is still out and about enjoying her modelling career 🙂

Perth Fashion Week: Wheels & Dollbaby Spring 2011 runway
*salivates* I LOVE those leopard print leggings and everything is very wearable ^_^

Modelling Is Hard: Patrick Mohr Spring/Summer 2011
I think that this is one show they won’t be advertising on their CVs 😛

Sock Horror! Acne’s $200 Tantra-print tights,-1&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black#ctl00_ContentMainPage_mainImage2

I stumbled across these a couple of weeks ago… the price of these “hand crafted” leggings are a little silly!!!

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