Would you wear… a dollar bill necklace?

dollar bill necklace


They say that if ya got it, ya may as well flaunt it. Except when it comes to cold, hard cash. It’s just not really classy to walk around flashing a fistful of dollars, is it? Or even, you could argue, to wear one single dollar bill slung around your neck.

Ironically, this necklace may LOOK like one dollar, but you’ll need 283 of them to actually buy it – and no, they’re not real pearls if that’s how you’re thinking they’ve managed to justify that cost. “They” are Bijoux de Famille, and this isn’t their only use of (pretend) currency (that’s not a REAL dollar bill…) in the creation of fashion accessories. Nope, there’s also this necklace:

currency necklace

and this cuff:

currency cuffDoes anyone else want to yell “Show me the money! Show me the money!” round about now?

What’d the verdict, then, Fashion Police officers? We all love money, but do you prefer it in your wallet… or around your neck?

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  • January 14, 2013

    Rose Cooper

    WOW !!!!!! I never thought I’d have to say that Juilianna (one of fashion polices’ own ) had one of the very worst dress’ I’ve ever scene

    in my life, AND I’M IN MY FIFTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she was Smoozzzzing up celebs. at the awards on 1/13/13; she had a black lacey disaster on !!!!!! The lace ended leaving her shoulders bare, but then started again, covering her entire neck. Sooooooooooo Strange ! In the first place she shouldn’t bare that much of her shoulders and collarbone area ! I’t looked like someone was tring to
    cover “albino roadkill”, with a black lace death blanket. As for her hair, againnnnnnn ……… totally wrong for her! It made her look so gont she looked like anorecia in it’s final stages! She needs to do the opposite at this time in her life. Get some fullness around her cheeks! LOVE HER ……….inspite of this HUGE faux pas.

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  • January 17, 2013


    Nope, I wouldn’t. Maybe my 10 year old niece would, though. She’d probably get a kick out of it.

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