Daylight Robbery: Dolce & Gabbana sheer silk kaftan

Dolce_kaftanWe have to admit, when we first stumbled across this little beauty, it gave us quite a turn. It was in the “dresses” section at Saks, you see, and when you’ve been happily browsing page after page of pretty dresses and then THIS crops up – well, it’ll give you a shock, won’t it?

This is not a dress, though. It’s a kaftan. A sheer kaftan, which makes us wonder: how were Dolce & Gabbana intending us to wear it? Did they want us to wear it in public, for instance, with skinny jeans underneath, as shown in the photo above? Or did they intend for us to wear it as lounge-wear, in the privacy of our own home? If so, we have one more question: who pays $2,350 for their lounge wear? (Other than J.Lo, presumably. And possibly Beyonce.)

We, of course, can’t imagine buying or wearing something like this under ANY circumstances, but if you would, we hope you’ll take a few seconds to share with us what those circumstances would be, before heading over to Saks with your $2,350.


  • January 16, 2009

    Rock Hyrax

    If I find myself travelling back in time to the 70’s in order to perform in a porn film, I’ll be sure to pack this item…

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  • January 26, 2012


    Especially the gathered sleeveheads – made to be as ugly as possible. Sometimes I think they are real mysogynists at D&G!

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