Returning something you have already worn pretending that it’s unworn …

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Returning something you have already worn pretending that it’s unworn and new is fraud. It makes you a criminal. And yes, there are victims to this crime: The economy, hygiene, and moral in general.
I’m aware that some clothes are expensive and you’ll probably only wear them once. Well, then find cheaper alternatives or look for clothes that you can and will wear at other occasions, too. It’s not that hard.

The only thing that I have ever returned after having worn it was a pair of shoes that hurt my feet. But I hadn’t worn them out of the house yet, and I really didn’t discover that they pinched when I tried them on in the shop. And I didn’t get money back, but exchanged them for a different pair. And, most importantly: I didn’t plan on returning them. I had to because I couldn’t wear them and they were to expensive to just throw them away.

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Crime of Fashion? Ripped knee jeans take over
I guess you can call me “Hipster” now as I own a pair just like these and already did so before it was cool… But mine weren’t ripped on purpose, the fabric just broke after years of use.
And I don’t wear these for anything else but casual occasions like rock concerts or motto parties.
Although I generally like the look, I would never buy jeans pre-ripped. You have to own the look by wearing them to death!

Fashion Crime Friday | Hands on your head
Ach, dang it, those “shredded shorts” look like they used to be exactly the kind of jeans I have been looking for for YEARS! Why did they have to do this to them??? GAAAAAHHH!

Style Trial | The Mullet Mini Skirt
Actually I think this goes in the right direction.
In fact I have often had the problem that skirts with an “even” hem turned out to be too short in the back, because -well- women do have booty. 🙂
So if this was just a little bit longer in the front, making it less “dangerous” and the length difference less pronounced, I’d buy it immediately.

Fashion Police at the MET Costume Institute Gala 2014
Yep, that’s the Death Star on Kirsten Dunst’s dress. 🙂 And I think it’s very fitting as the gala took place on May the 4th. (“May the Force…” 😉 )

Fashion Crime Friday | ‘Fat Pants’ and other crimes of fashion
To be honest I really like the dinosaur sweatshirt… but when I saw that it costs $79 and only comes in one (shapeless) size I decided that it’s not that pretty. 🙁

The rest: urghs!

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