I work in a departament store and returns are something …

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I work in a departament store and returns are something we have to deal with everyday, people even try to return underwear (which is kind of gross, if you ask me). I do not doubt for a second that 56% of our clients return clothes after wearing them.

In my personal case, if something doesn’t fit, I give it to one of my many sisters, I hate to do returns.

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The tactic bothers me on collectibles (dolls, books, etc.) because you have to search for the items you want on places like eBay and pay 10 times the original price for the sake of your collection. Clothes, on the other hand… I think its better if all the girls in a country don’t look like the chic version of the communist China.

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About eight years ago my sister bought a sweater in Oxford Street’s H&M. We live in México, so it was a big dissapointment when the sweater wouldn’t get past our heads, of course, a refund was imposible once we were on the other side of the planet. It eventually ended going to charity (still new) hoping to find an owner with her head shrunken by an ancestral tribe.

I have nothing bad to say about the design, but the quality… that’s something.

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Those harem pants are perfect for the supertrendy homeless-look, they even look a little dirty already.

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The thing is… if I were a model, I would wear them and look cool and gorgeous. But being my-petite-average-looking-self it wouldn’t suit me.

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I have to admit, I would wear the cape dress… with something underneath, like leggins.

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