Do you return clothes you’ve already worn?

According to a survey by of shoppers have tried to return an item of clothing they’ve already worn: i.e. they wore the item without removing the label, and then returned it a few days later for a full refund – a bit like using clothing stores as their own personal lending library.

Now,we’re always a little sceptical about studies like this. This one used a sample of 520 people, which is probably not representative of everyone in the UK. We know some people do happily admit to doing this kind of thing, though, so today we thought we’d do a quick survey of our own, and ask: would YOU?

woman with lots of shopping bags

Now, in asking this question, we’re hoping the percentage who answer “yes” will be much smaller than the 56% who admitted to returning worn clothes in the PromotionalCodes sample. Obviously there are lots of good reasons to return worn clothing (discovering a faulty zip, or other defect while you’re wearing it, following the washing instructions to the letter, only to discover that your item is unrecognisable after a quick spin cycle, to name but two…), but the desire to simply wear something without paying for it isn’t one of them, as far as we’re concerned. We don’t expect anyone would like to think that brand new dress they paid full-price for had been out on the town the previous weekend, after all, and while we’re all for buying second-hand clothes if it saves us some money, the key to that sentence is the “saves us some money bit”: if we’re buying someone’s used clothing, we expect to get a discount on it, which presumably wouldn’t be the case if the store had been duped into thinking it was an unworn return, still with the tags attached.

So, would you do this? Would you wear something and then return it afterwards, purely to avoid paying?

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