Fashion Police Poll: Do you buy a new winter coat every year?

Spot_coat As you may have guessed from our regular Coat Corner column, we’re just a little bit obsessed with outerwear – particularly so this year, as the Chief of Police is currently engaged on a never-ending search for a new winter coat, the last one having been forced into retirement after more years on the job than the Chief is prepared to admit to. (Don’t worry, it’ll get a full Police Pension and a nice retirement gift).

This search has got us wondering, though: we always advocate spending as much as you can afford on a coat, because you get so much wear out of them, and a good coat will last you for years – literally, in the Chief’s case, although this has been more due to not being able to find anything she really liked than anything else.

Do you actually wear your winter coat for years, though, or does the beginning of each winter signal the start of a search for a new coat? Do you like to be frugal, make an investment and then get lots of wear out of it, or does the thought of wearing the same outerwear for more than one season make you reach for the credit card in despair? You’ll find a poll under the jump, but feel free to expand on your answer in the comments!

[Image: Dotty Spot Coat, £120, Monsoon]

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