Dita Von Teese in “wearing trousers” shocker


  OK, so this isn't really too much of a shocker because, as we know, Dita Von Teese wears trousers at least once a year, easily.

This is apparently her obligatory "trouser shot" for this year, and as you can see, she's gone for a pin-up girl vibe (you know, just for a change) in red peep toes, cropped pants and red clutch bag. The BMW probably isn't an essential part of this look, but you never really know with Dita, do you?


  • March 9, 2009


    I usually like her style and choice of clothes but I’m not into these pants. They seem to be cropped strangely. and I don’t like the top either, it’s probably due to teh ruffles..
    but love the heels! (and the car;))

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  • March 9, 2009


    I like that even if Dita rarely wears trousers, when she DOES wear them, she sticks with her ‘style’, and she manages to create this distinct pin-up vibe with modern clothes (By the way, where does she find them???)

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  • March 9, 2009


    This is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen her in trousers except for black leggings during her pilates class in which she was fully made up.
    She looks great and taller – should wear them more often!
    The pant suit is lovely too.
    You got to love her for it!

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  • March 9, 2009


    OK, so yeah she looks fab, but isn’t she bored? I’m all for sticking to a style that works for you, but what about trying something new? Being daring and wearing something that’s totally unexpected? Isn’t that what makes fashion fun?
    I’m a bit over her now. She stunning and she really looks great but it’s not inspiring anymore.

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  • March 10, 2009


    Gorgeous shoes! I love that she sticks with the pinup style but it would be nice to see her in something just a little bit different and look like she’s having some fun. Also, maybe it’s just the picture…but her legs don’t look great here.

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  • November 28, 2011


    I like her dedication to her look. And I love all high waisted skirts and trousers, so i like it. She gets an A plus from me.

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