Wow, I have never seen her this casual! I …

Comment on What to Wear to a Music Festival – If you’re Dita Von Teese… by Kaitlin.

Wow, I have never seen her this casual! I also don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that didn’t contain black.
I think the hat is a bit silly and over the top (and makes her look over-accessorized), but I LOOOOVE the idea of bringing back the parasol! I wish I could get away with it.

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Fashion Police Checkpoint! What are you wearing right now?
Ripped to shreds jeans with a magenta studded belt, long pink tank with a black tank over it, big magenta earrings. Pretty fun today. 🙂

You, too, can wear Natalie Portman’s “curtain” dress from The Other Boleyn Girl premiere. But do you want to?
Hell to the no.

Style on Trial: thong sandals with a difference
I’d rather go barefoot. On glass.

Dress of the Day: Sherri Hill prom dress
I think it’s super fun! I don’t know if I’d wear it as a prom dress, but it would be great at a fun cocktail-type party.

eBay Under Arrest: See-through stiletto knee boots
2 words: “working girls.”

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