Heidi Goes High Fashion: Introducing the Designer Dirndl

dirndl dresses

It’s a little known fact, but in her later years, after she left the mountain, Heidi became a fashionista, and started buying her dirndl dresses at My Theresa. True story, folks.* And now you – yes, YOU – can follow in her footsteps, for the dresses shown above aren’t from a costume store, or some kind of purveyor of traditional costume: they are, indeed, from My Theresa, best known for selling designer fashion to the masses. Or to the small cross-section of the masses who can actually afford it, anyway.

So, what do you make of the marketing of the dirdl as a fashion statement? We reckon that while these are pretty dresses when viewed in context (i.e. as traditional clothing), it would be really, really hard to to make them work outside of a costume party or Oktoberfest – which is what My Theresa suggest they’d be perfect for.

What do you think of the Apline peasant look? Is it something you can imagine yourself ever wearing?

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(Note: totally not a true story.)


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