Well, the thing about this shoe is, the artistry is …

Comment on Dior’s cutout wedge sandals are… interesting by gokarm.

Well, the thing about this shoe is, the artistry is so much better than most “unusual” shoes. It’s graphic, it has tension (note how the “wedge” strip seems to be tautly wrapped around the heel), it’s beautiful and eye-catching, it is all design (no added frills, bedazzlers, etc…) and it looks genuinely comfortable and wearable. No question, here…this is a beautiful shoe. If I had the means, I would want to own it.

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She looks sensational, and succeeds where anna paquin fails…the cleavage, she doesn’t look slouchy and unsupported. This is how you do low-cut!

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Option A. I’m not a fan of ruffles and I kinda like the grunge look. I know I could rock the dirty old man shirt better than the frou frou ruffly one.

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