Style on Trial: Dior’s bubble heeled metallic slingbacks


When we look back on the 2007/2008 season in years to come, we’ll probably think of it as The Year When Heels Got a Bit Strange.  Flowers, rhinestones, dog turds… all have been added to the heels of unsuspecting shoes, some to better effect than others. What we’re looking at today, though, is one specific pair of embellished heel shoes, namely Dior’s metallic calfskin platform slingbacks, which are a little bit trippy with their bubble embellishments to both the heel and the sole. We think it gives them a bit of what we call Alien Appeal – in other words, we wouldn’t be surprised if those bubbles floated right off the shoes and disgorged hundreds of tiny aliens. (Well, we would be surprised, to be honest, but you know what we mean…)

What do you think of these shoes? Creative and inspired, or just "What the hell were they thinking?"

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