I love it. it’s abxsolutely gorgeous :] & usually I think …

Comment on Dress of the day: Bright red dress by Christian Dior by natalia.

I love it. it’s abxsolutely gorgeous :] & usually I think Dior clothes are too over-the-top.
I predict we will see a celebrity wearing this dress on the red carpet soon [if they havem’t already].

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The City Slipper – galoshes for high heels
I would love it if they came in black. works with mostly everything.. you’d have a two-toned shoe :]

Style on Trial: Cesare Paciotti’s platform ‘Donna’ pumps
how can you people like them? I’m sorry, bu they look like a granny quilt project gone wrong.
and with WHAT outfit exactly would they work?
haha dead bunny earwamers 😀 hey someone’s got their halloween costume!

American Apparel’s suggestion for Nudist Halloween costumes
if someone wore that, i would hope they would be arrested. halloween is a holiday for [mostly] children. i always preferred urban outfitters anyways ;]

The Bra Dress: giving a whole new meaning to “visible bra straps”
okay. i am extremely horrified by this. i’m not embarrassed much when my bra strap falls out of my tank top. i mean, you’re fully covered & everyone knows you’re wearing one. but this? there are no words to describe it.
$9.99. i’m not sure whether to laugh or scream.

Identity Parade: red triple strap Mary Janes -which is the designer shoe?
I would say B. I wouldn’t wear either of them.. they somehow remind me of Minnie Mouse? 😛

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