Dinsosaur Style from Kate Spade

Dinsosaur bags by Kate Spade

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade, available at Shopbop

Dinosaurs are going to be, like, SO HOT this year, folks  – but only if they´re either purple or hot pink. How do we know? Because Kate Spade says so, obviously. The bags above are just two of the dinosaur-themed creations from her collection currently available at Shopbop. Are they cute, though, or just kinda childish? We´re going to let you be the judge of that: and while you´re making your mind up, here are some other Kate Spade goodies to feast your eyes on…

Kate Spade Alexa heart bag

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade

Now that Christmas is finally out of the way, it´s time for the PRs and bloggers to start obsessing over Valentine´s day – which we can guarantee all of the press releases we receive for the next few weeks will tell us is “just around the corner”. We can also pretty much guarantee that this little heart print bag will be cropping up on every Valentine themed gift guide you come across – something this cute will be just impossible to ignore!

Kate Spade When Pigs Fly Clutch

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade

As well as all those purple dinosaurs, we´re predicting that flying pigs will also be pretty big ion 2017. This clutch big is $448 at Shopbop, but there are only three left, so if you´ve always wanted to carry a flying pig around with you, you might not want to wait too much longer before hitting the “add to basket” button.

Speaking of that “add to basket” button, don´t forget that the Shopbop sale is still on, offering up to 70% off some items.  They´ve just added hundreds more items to the sale, bu they´re probably not going to stick around for long, so now´s your chance to grab a last-minute bargain… or a flying pig handbag, whichever you prefer.

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