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Diesel Balloon Jeans: why?

Balloon Jeans

We don’t know about you, readers, but we think we liked the world better when it didn’t have “balloon jeans” in it. In fact, we’d probably like it even more if there was no possibility of the word “balloon” EVER being used to describe an item of clothing. Ever.

We are reassured, however, by the fact that almost every time we identify a crime of fashion these days, the model is generally ALSO wearing a pair of peep-toe boots with it. It’s like a kind of code used by stylists to indicate that there’s a fashion crime being committed – other than the peep toe boots themselves, that is.

Also: we’re starting to feel that there isn’t an item of clothing in the world that can’t be made worse by the simple addition of a pair of peep toe boots. We think we need to move these items much further up our Hit List in light of this..

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