Diane Von Furstenberg Does ‘Granny Chic’


Now,I believe this is what women in the 1970s would probably have described as a "house dress", although I suspect that with a print and colourway like this one, it would probably only have been seen on women of a certain age, shall we say. (OK: grannies, then. Old folks. And possibly the legally blind.) What’s it doing here, in 2008, though? Has it lost its way, someplace in the space/time continuum, perhaps? Nope, it’s just that Diane Von Furstenberg thinks we all want to dress like 1970s pensioners, apparently.

Well, I’m speaking for myself here, of course, but I’m just not sure it’s going to catch on. And no, wearing the "house dress" with leggings and peep toes doesn’t make it better, Browns, just FYI.

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