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      Balmain blazer dupe at Shopbop

      Real Vs Steal | Balmain blazer on a budget

      Balmain // Lioness A Balmain blazer is one of those “if only” items for many of us. The sharp tailoring and immaculate attention to detail is TO. DIE. FOR. Unfortunately, so is the price tag – and we mean that in the literal sense, because we can’t even imagine how rich we’d have to be to drop £1,260 on one item of clothing – no matter how beautiful or well made it is – OR how much trouble we’d get into once our other half realised where this month’s mortgage payment had gone. So, we love it, but we’re not going to buy it: what’s a girl to do? Well, you could do worse than check out this lower-priced dupe…

      REAL vs STEAL | Mint lace dresses by Dolce & Gabbana and RoseGal

      L-R: Dresses by Dolce & Gabbana and RoseGal Today’s edition of “Real Vs Steal” features a very literal interpretation of that phrase: the lower-priced dress isn’t simply “inspired by” its designer counterpart – it’s such an exact copy of it that it could be said to be literally “stealing” the designer style. The designer dress in question is this mint beauty by Dolce & Gabbana. Our sister site ShoeperWoman featured this dress earlier this week, and we instantly fell in love with it. As it costs a bank-breaking £1,885, however, we resigned ourself to the fact that we’d never get to wear anything remotely like it – until Fashion Police informer, Claudia, emailed us the link to the RoseGal copy,…

      High Street Vs High-End | Camera clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia and Accessorize

      They’re not identical, they’re not even the same type of bag (One’s a clutch, one’s a cross-body bag, but the latter could probably be carried like a clutch too, if you wanted to), but ultimately these are both bags designed to look like cameras, which makes us wonder: Which is your favourite, and which would you buy? The bag on the left is just £25 from Accessorize [buy it here]: it’s the cross-body version, but as we mentioned above, although it’s larger than the high-end option, you could probably tuck the chain inside and carry it clutch-style. It has a gold body with a matching strap, and is one of a few quirky clutches available at Accessorize right now. (We’re partial…

      striped dresses

      Designer Dupes: Striped dresses edition

      So, did you all get the message that black and white stripes are, like, SO HOT this year? Because we could probably mention it a few more times if you’re not totally sure yet. Since the word was passed down from the powers that be, designer labels have been churning out black and white striped dresses like they’re going out of fashion. Which they will be, of course, but probably not until next season. Luckily for those of you who love the designer look, but hate the designer price tag, the high street brands have been equally busy making their own versions “inspired by” designers. Here are some expensive striped dresses… and their more affordable high street counterparts. Striped dresses:…

      monochrome dresses

      Designer Dupes: Monochrome panelled dresses by 3.1 Phillip Lim and Mango

      Two dresses, both alike in shape and style, both featuring crew necks, long sleeves, and large white panels bordered with black, to make their wearer look a little slimmer than she actually is. One dress however, is an expensive, designer number, while the other comes from the high street. In this case, one is by 3.1 Phillip Lim, and will cost you £485, while the other is by Mango, and will set you back just £44.99. We know which one WE’D buy, but which would you go for, assuming you were in the market for a dress just like this?

      Pencil dresses by Victoria Beckham and Diva Catwalk

      Designer Dupes: Victoria Beckham Vs Diva Catwalk

      As much as we love Victoria Beckham and her amazing dress collection, the fact that they’re: a) the price of a used car, and b) permanently sold out, anyway kind of puts the dampers on our hopes of ever owning one. Luckily, though, there’s no shortage of other brands taking inspiration from Mrs Beckham, and one of our favourites right now is Diva Catwalk. Their Mayfair dress differs from Victoria Beckham’s colourblock pencil dress in a number of small ways, but none of them detract from the overall look, which is very similar. Which do you prefer? Diva Catwalk Mayfair dress, £99: click here to buy Victoria Beckham colour block dress, $2295: click here to buy

      Victoria Beckham dress copied by Rare

      Designer Dupes: navy and orange dresses by Victoria Beckham and Rare

      ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, now what have we ‘ere, then? Why, it looks like a case of Designer Dupes to us! On the left, a navy and orange pencil dress, from Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2012 ready to wear collection: it cost $2,295, but the price is academic at this point, because it sold out as soon as it went on sale. On the right, meanwhile… a navy and orange pencil dress, although this time by Rare, which is available at Topshop. This one is only £49, and was still available in most sizes at the time of writing, and can also be purchased at the Rare website, should it sell out at Topshop, which, let’s face it, it probably will. Which…

      Dresses by Stella McCartney and Mango

      Designer Dupes: Bi-colour dresses by Stella McCartney and Mango

      We’ve seen this Stella McCartney dress (£1,128 at Saks) on the likes of Kate Winslet and other celebrities, but if that price tag has you reaching for the smelling salts, worry not, because we’ve tracked down a Designer Dupe at Mango, for a less frightening £44.99. No, no-one is going to to mistake it for the original: the side panels are navy rather than black, the length is shorter, and the bust less fitted, but the overall look is similar and, like its designer doppelgänger, it should help create the illusion of an hourglass figure, even if you don’t actually have one. Just do us a favour, and wear better shoes with it?

      mint green cable sweaters

      Designer Dupes: Mint cable sweaters by Acne and River Island

      Two sweaters, both alike in… colour. And cabling. Look, they’re both mint green cable sweaters, OK? What they’re not alike in, however, is price: the sweater on the right is Acne’s ‘Lia’ sweater, currently retailing for £220, while the one on the left is just £28 at good ol’ River Island. What explains the price difference? Well, one is cotton, and the other is acrylic, and there are no prizes for guessing which is which. But also, one is designer, the other high street, and as we know all too well, that counts for a lot in the world of fashion, too. Which would you buy? Are sweaters one of the items you think it’s worth investing in, making £220…

      Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Russe shoes

      Charlotte Russe is very “inspired” in the shoe department

      Step forward, Charlotte Russe, you of the cheap clothes and “buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair for $10” offers. You have been accused of taking “inspiration” from other brands a little too literally, and we’d like to know how you plead. First, the evidence: Christian Louboutin Vs Charlotte Russe Valentino Vs Charlotte Russe Miu Miu Vs Charlotte Russe Pierre Hardy Vs Charlotte Russe These are just a few of the shoe copycats we found at Charlotte Russe, and, to be fair to them, none of them are exact replicas (although some are closer copies than others), and when you see them side-by-side, it’s instantly obvious which is the designer shoe and which is the copy. So CR…

      white tuxedo blazer

      Designer Vs High Street: White tuxedo blazers

      So, Tibi’s leather-trimmed satin-twill tuxedo jacket is kinda nice, no? Great with black skinnies, pencil dresses, jeans… an easy way to dress-up an outfit, just by throwing on a jacket. Awesome! “But Fashion Police,” we hear you cry, “It’s $495! How can we be expected to pay $495 for a jacket? We will have to starve, or make ourselves homeless because we spent our rent money on a designer blazer, woe is us!” Don’t worry, though, help is at hand! You SHALL have a white tuxedo blazer, Cinders! You shall have one from… Penneys,  €25  Next, £55 M&Co, £49 You could buy ALL THREE of these, in fact, and still have change from your $495: all is right with the world…

      Colourblock shoes by ASOS and jessica simpson

      Spot the Difference: Colourblocked shoes by Jessica Simpson and ASOS

      Can you spot the difference between these two shoes, readers? Nope, we can’t either. In fact, a few subtle shade variations (which could easily be explained by differences in photography and lighting) aside, we don’t think there are any. The only difference, then, would seem to be the brand names – ASOS and Jessica Simpson – and the price points: the ASOS shoes are £75 and the Jessica Simpson ones are $78, which works out at around £56. Looks like someone’s been a bit naughty on the “inspiration” front, then, but who is it? Well, Shoeperwoman wrote about the Jessica Simpson shoes last month, and the ASOS version only appeared on the site last week, so we initially suspected ASOS…

      Black dresses by Stella McCartney and Mango

      Designer Vs High Street: Stella McCartney Vs Mango

      All rise for the case of Mango Vs McCartney! Actually, it’s OK, you can sit back down: there’s really no case to be answered here – this is a straightforward case of “designer inspiration” as opposed to “blatant copying”, and while you can clearly see where the inspiration from this Mango dress has come from, there are enough differences between it and the Stella McCartney original to make it very obvious which is which. Unfortunately for Mango, the side-by-side comparison doesn’t really do their creation any favours. We’re sure it probably looks nice on, but next to the Stella, it does look a little… well, cheap, really. IS it cheap? Well, it’s £34.90, so we’d say yes, it is. As…

      Two tone skirts by Zara and Dries Van Noten

      Designer Vs High Street: Two-tone skirts by Dries Van Noten and Zara

      Good old Zara! The Spanish chain comes to the rescue once again, helping us save £478, were we in the market for a two-toned skirt with white panels at the front and black ones at the side. If we WERE looking for such a thing, we could buy it from Dries Van Noten. It would cost us £504, though, so we have to admit, we’d be much more likely to head to Zara, spend £25.99 and still have enough left for a top and shoes to wear with it, and maybe some lunch while we were out. The Zara skirt is currently sold out on the website, but can be found on eBay (where you can probably expect to pay…

      ASOS dress inspired by Roland Mouret

      Battle of the Black Dresses: ASOS Vs Roland Mouret

      Even the least fashion-savvy amongst us would probably be able to tell these two dresses apart: there’s just no disguising a Roland Mouret, is there? Unfortunately for us, however, there’s just no way of paying for one either, so until our Fairy Godmother comes along to wave her magic wand, we’ll just have to content ourselves with this ASOS version of Mouret’s famous pleat neck dress. Well, the ASOS version is only £45, you see, and the Mouret is no longer available, and even if it was, it’s not like we’d be able to afford it on a police officer’s salary, so ASOS it is! There’s one problem, though: the Mouret dress is from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection, so wearing…

      Designer Vs High Street: Victoria Beckham Vs Closet

      Pictures of Freida Pinto looking gorgeous in a pale pink dress on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week had our officers sratching their heads for a second, and thinking, “Wait… is she wearing… Closet?” Of course, she wasn’t. Freida was, in fact, wearing a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which, like the rest of the Victoria Beckham line, is beautiful, but not exactly realistically priced for those of us who aren’t on celebrity salaries. Most of the dress collection, for instance, retails from £900 – £1,500, with some pieces costing more. Enter Closet, with their pink asymmetric neck dress, which… look, we’re not going to beat around the bush, here: it’s damn near identical, isn’t it? In fact, we…

      Spot the Difference: Betsey Johnson Vs Bakers

      You know what puzzles us most about this case, readers? The fact that, at $70, the Bakers shoes are: a) Not exactly “cheap”. b) Only $10 less than the sale price of the Betsey Johnson originals. We’re assuming there are enough points of difference for Bakers not to get in trouble over this, but there aren’t enough for it not to be blatantly obvious what they’re up to, hmm?

      Designer on a Budget: Polka dot shorts by Miu Miu and BooHoo

      Polka dots are going to be big this summer. Bigger than they usually are, we mean. Polka dots tend to be one of those prints that never really go away, don’t they? This season, however, more than one big-name designer has decided to make use of them, and that means the high street has been quick to follow suit. We’ve already shown you Zara’s take on Marc Jacobs’ polka dot dress, and now here’s BooHoo’s version of Miu Miu’s (and hey, they even sound kinda similar!) polka dot shorts. One pair is £170, and the other just £6. Given that they both look a bit like something you’d wear to bed to us, we’d probably spend £6 on the BooHoo…

      Designer on a Budget: Polka dot shift dresses by Marc Jacobs and Zara

      Now, we’re not necessarily saying we’d buy or wear either of these two dresses, and we’re certainly not saying they’re identical in every single way. What we WILL say, however, is that if a sudden hankering for a polka dot shift dress did happen to come over us, we know which one we’d choose. We’re not going to tell you, though. No, we want to hear which one YOU’D choose instead: designer or high street? Do tell… (Click here to buy the Marc Jacobs dress and here for the Zara version)