Designer Vs High Street: Leather/wool dresses from Theory and Topshop

This is technically a case of Stuck Together Clothes: they’re dresses, but they’re masquerading as skirt/sweater combos – and goodness knows, it’s hard to pair a black skirt with a black sweater, isn’t it, readers?

Ignoring the flagrant breach of the “skirts should be skirts and tops should be tops” rule for the moment, however, let’s take a look at the similarities between these two dresses. The one on the left is by Theory, it’s a leather/wool mix, and it’s £555 at Net-a-Porter. The one on the right, meanwhile, is good ol’ Topshop, and while the skirt is also leather, the top half is jersey, rather than wool. It’s also significantly cheaper, at just £70, and is lacking the batwing sleeves of the Theory dress.

Which do you prefer, though? Would you choose designer or high street: or would you chose neither?

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