Fishbones for the feet, anyone? Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fishbone sandals


Quick straw poll, folks. Things that are dead: who likes ’em? Ok, now who wants to actually wear artistic renderings of their poor dead bodies? Just Giuseppe Zanotti, then. Well, that certainly explains why he decided to use a fish skeleton as the centerpiece for this pair of strappy sandals, which will currently cost you $850 at eLuxury.

Now, maybe it’s just us, but when we see skeletons – even fish ones – we tend to find them just a little bit creepy, by which we mean it hardly ever occurs to us to think, "hey, you know what, these fish skeletons would sure make a cute pair of shoes!" This is even the case if the skeletons in question are silver, and encrusted with jewels. They’re still fish bones, and we still don’t want them anywhere near our feet. Do you?

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