….so now it’s fashionable to wear pajamas outside the house. …

Comment on Designer on a Budget: Spotty wide leg trousers by Mair.

….so now it’s fashionable to wear pajamas outside the house. Kill me. Please.

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Abercrombie & Fitch’s push-up bikini for kids causes controversy
I remember having a two peice when I was about 7, but it was more of a tank-top style top than bra-shaped, and the bottom was a little pair of shorts. I think it’s stupid when parents try to dress little girls like they’re teenagers. (bikinis, skinny jeans, crop-tops, make-up) It makes them grow up too fast and then the parents wonder why their little girls are in bad relationships based on looks and getting pregnant in their teens. They think they’re grown up when they aren’t.

Style On Trial: Swimwear that looks like underwear
I would totally wear these. In fact, if it were not for the price I’d buy it for upcoming Spring Break! In all honesty, I’ve seen girls wear a LOT less to the beach/pool. And I <3 lace πŸ˜€

The Emperor’s New… Maxi Dress
This is like…some lingerie/petticoat hybrid right? You know, for those days when you really want some volume in your dress but don’t want to bother with underwear? Because it couldn’t possibly be just a dress on its own….right?

John Galliano sacked following racist outburst
Being drunk doesn’t make you do stuff you don’t want to, or say stuff you don’t want to, regardless of what anyone thinks. If you’re a jerk when you’re drunk it’s because you’re a jerk all the time but know to keep your mouth shut. All the booze does is turn off the little voice that says “No! Don’t say that!” Saying “Oh, he was just drunk” is no excuse. If he didn’t beleive those things he wouldn’t have said them, drunk or sober. Frankly, a person can be a great artist, but that doesn’t make it okay for them to be a terrible person. It’s a shame someone so creative and artistic can be so close-minded at the same time. πŸ™

Designer on a Budget: Red flared dresses from DKNY and Zara
The Zara one looks like it has a nicer fit. The DKNY looks more floppy and loose.

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